enh(ui): make the SParameters components more tactile friendly


The SParameters components were hard to interact with in a touchscreen context. These changes make them bigger and make it easier to interact with.

Closes #945 (closed)

How to test it?

Open any application which uses SParameters, check it still works and the changes are applied.

Some results

QCheckBox (Bool)

Before: qcheckbox_before After: qcheckbox_after

The size of this component is bigger, which make it easier to use.

QPushButton (Reset buttons, Color)

Before: qpushbutton_before After: qpushbutton_after

The size of this component is slightly bigger.

Q*SpinBox (Double Spin, Int Spin)

Before: qspinbox_before After: qspinbox_after

The controls hitbox of this component is improved. The controls are also moved in the left and right extremities of the control, instead of only on the right, which allow them to be bigger (this is already effective on Sight thanks to the flatdark style).

QSlider (Double Slider, Int Slider)

Before: qslider_before

After: qslider_after

The handle of the slider is bigger.

QComboBox (Enum)

Before: qcombobox_before

After: qcombobox_after

The size of this component is slightly bigger.

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