enh(test): add external project gui test support

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Add GUI test support in external projects:

  • rename the gui test core folder to testCore

-change the ITest profile path handling, by geting the full path, and not using "getWorkingDir()". It will be up to the GUI tests to provide the full profile path.

  • add the profile modules. The clasicall sightrun looks for the modules situated relatively to the profile path. This allows to load automatically the project modules; This will be done in the ITest too, at the test setup()

-add -B bundlesPath in the cppunit_main. Similarly to classical applications, the -B argument allows specifying additional bundles path. This will be handled in the unit test too.

  • change test templates to add external libs path in the PATH variable and bundles path

Closes #1005 (closed)

How to test it?

run GUI tests on sight.

add a GUI test in a sight-based external project and run it.

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