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Update CHANGELOG with changes concerning fw4spl_0.9.0.3 tag

branch : fw4spl_0.9.0
parent b5a5cc2e
=== fw4spl_0.9.0.3 ( diff from fw4spl_0.9.0.2 ) 11/12/2012 ===
* General :
* Change default transfert function for Muscles and Skin
* Add a new action AnonymisePatient to anonymise selected patient in PDB
* Add new organ to dictionary Lymph Node
* Fix OrganDictionary (re add World key). Add also few liver segment keys
* Fix JpgImageWriter to save jpg instead of png file
* Fix crash when using manage organ editor
=== fw4spl_0.9.0.2 ( diff from fw4spl_0.9.0.1 ) 02/11/2012 ===
* General
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