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    • Emilie WERNERT's avatar
      refactor(ioAtoms): find the correct version without an XML parameter · 027d1a8b
      Emilie WERNERT authored
      Merge branch 'improve-sreader-version' into 'dev'
      Improve ::ioAtoms::SReader and ::ioAtoms::SReader to find the correct 
      data version without setting an XML parameter, only the 'patcher' tag is 
      required to use the patch system.
      When no version is defined in SReader and SWriter, the current version 
      of MedicalData defined in fwMDSemanticPatch is used. This version can be 
      overridden by the new method 'setCurrentVersion'. You can still define 
      your own version and context.
      Closes #117
      See merge request FW4SPL/fw4spl!290
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    • Marc SCHWEITZER's avatar
      feat(uiPreferences): handle floating value in preferences. · 1aa5cb53
      Marc SCHWEITZER authored
       'number' is now deprecated if you want to use integer value use 'int' key.
    • Flavien BRIDAULT-LOUCHEZ's avatar
      refactor(deprecated): replace getObject by getInput or getInOut · 65386fac
      Flavien BRIDAULT-LOUCHEZ authored
      Merge branch 'remove-deprecated-getObject' into 'dev'
      - Replace deprecated `getObject()` by `getInput()` or `getInOut()`
      - Add deprecated log if the key is not correct in the configuration.
      - Set the services `ExternalDataReaderService`, `SInitNewSeries` and `SSeries` as deprecated
      - Improve the `FW_DEPRECATED` macros to display the version where the support will be discontinued
      - Add a new macro `FW_DEPRECATED_KEY(key, access, version)` to define the correct 'in/inout' key.
      All XML configurations have not been updated, so expect to see more [deprecated] mentions in the log. Please fix your application as required.
      ## How to test it?
      Check that all the applications still work.
      - You should see less [deprecated] logs if your configuration uses the right `<in>` or `<inout>` keys.
      - You should see more [deprecated] logs if your configuration uses the wrong keys.
      ## Related MR
      - fw4spl-ogre!115
      See #64
      See merge request FW4SPL/fw4spl!287
    • Didier WECKMANN's avatar
      feat(SSignalShortcut): create new service to handle shortcuts · e9036207
      Didier WECKMANN authored and Didier WECKMANN's avatar Didier WECKMANN committed
      Merge branch 'feat-ssignalshortcut' into 'dev'
      See merge request FW4SPL/fw4spl!294
      A new SSignalShortcut service in fw4spl has been added. This service allows to map keys or combination of keys to the trigger of a signal.
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