Commit ebdefbfe authored by Genial-O's avatar Genial-O
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misc: update commit-msg git hook [skip ci]

parent 121105ad
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ commit_msg_help = """
Required commit message:
type(scope): description
- type: enh, feat, fix, refactor
- scope: build, ci, core, doc, graphics, io, physics, test, ui, vision
- scope: build, ci, core, doc, filter, geometry, io, navigation, test, ui, viz
type: description
- type: merge, misc, style
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ or
with open(commit_msg_path) as commit_msg_file:
commit_msg_content = commit_msg_file.readline()
message_regex = r'(?:(?P<scoped_type>enh|feat|fix|refactor)\((?P<scope>build|ci|core|doc|geometry|io|filter|test|ui|viz)\)|(?P<unscoped_type>merge|misc|style)): (?P<subject>[a-z].*?(?:\b|[\]\)\'\"\`])$)'
message_regex = r'(?:(?P<scoped_type>enh|feat|fix|refactor)\((?P<scope>build|ci|core|doc|filter|geometry|io|navigation|test|ui|viz)\)|(?P<unscoped_type>merge|misc|style)): (?P<subject>[a-z].*?(?:\b|[\]\)\'\"\`])$)'
if not re.match(message_regex, commit_msg_content):
sys.stderr.write("\n'" + commit_msg_content.strip() + "' message doesn't follow commit rules.\n")
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