Commit ab00907b authored by Didier WECKMANN's avatar Didier WECKMANN Committed by Flavien BRIDAULT-LOUCHEZ
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fix(SPointListRegistration): configuration with mode

parent 41675ec9
......@@ -51,10 +51,12 @@ SPointListRegistration::~SPointListRegistration()
void SPointListRegistration::configuring()
const auto optConfig = this->getConfigTree().get_child_optional("config.<xmlattr>");
const auto configTree = this->getConfigTree();
const auto config = configTree.get_child_optional("config.<xmlattr>");
if (config)
const std::string mode = optConfig->get< std::string >("mode", "rigid");
const std::string mode = config->get< std::string >("mode", "rigid");
if(mode == "rigid")
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