Verified Commit 92fca270 authored by Flavien BRIDAULT-LOUCHEZ's avatar Flavien BRIDAULT-LOUCHEZ
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fix(core): speed-up image copy in SFrameMatrixSynchronizer

The image copy using the image iterator is slow as hell in debug, making some applications unusable. This was replaced by a simple std::memcpy.
parent 64a7a84d
......@@ -364,7 +364,7 @@ void SFrameMatrixSynchronizer::synchronize()
const std::uint8_t* frameBuff = &buffer->getElement(0);
auto iter = image->begin<std::uint8_t>();
std::copy(frameBuff, frameBuff + buffer->getSize(), iter);
std::memcpy(&*iter, frameBuff, buffer->getSize());
// Notify
auto sig = image->signal<data::Image::BufferModifiedSignalType>(
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