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docs(ImageManager): added comments in XML configuration

parent 1d0fcdea
......@@ -3,16 +3,16 @@
<param name="WID_PARENT" />
<param name="GENERIC_UID" />
<param name="IMAGE_UID" />
<param name="TF_IMAGE" />
<param name="TF_KEY" default="SelectedTF"/>
<param name="IMAGE_UID" /><!-- Image to manage -->
<param name="TF_IMAGE" /><!-- Composite containing the selected TransferFunction -->
<param name="TF_KEY" default="SelectedTF"/><!-- Key of the TransferFunction in the composite 'TF_IMAGE' -->
<object uid="${IMAGE_UID}" type="::fwData::Image" src="ref" />
<object uid="${TF_IMAGE}" type="::fwData::Composite" src="ref" />
<service uid="ImageManagerView" type="::gui::view::SDefaultView">
<service uid="imageManagerView" type="::gui::view::SDefaultView">
<layout type="::fwGui::LineLayoutManager">
<orientation value="vertical" />
......@@ -24,11 +24,11 @@
<parent wid="${WID_PARENT}" />
<view sid="windowLevelImage" start="yes" />
<view sid="SliderView" start="yes" />
<view sid="sliderView" start="yes" />
<service uid="SliderView" type="::gui::view::SDefaultView">
<service uid="sliderView" type="::gui::view::SDefaultView">
<layout type="::fwGui::LineLayoutManager">
<orientation value="horizontal" />
......@@ -40,22 +40,26 @@
<!-- Service to add field used to properly display and manage image: Slice index, TransferFunction, ... -->
<service uid="medicalImageConverterImage" type="::ctrlSelection::MedicalImageSrv">
<inout key="image" uid="${IMAGE_UID}" />
<!-- Editor to manage slice index and image orientation (axial, frontal, sagittal) -->
<service uid="selectorSliderNegatoImage" type="::uiImage::SliceIndexPositionEditor" autoConnect="yes">
<inout key="image" uid="${IMAGE_UID}" />
<!-- Editor to manage image windowing -->
<service uid="windowLevelImage" type="::uiImage::WindowLevel" autoConnect="yes">
<inout key="image" uid="${IMAGE_UID}" />
<inout key="TFSelections" uid="${TF_IMAGE}" />
<config selectedTFKey="${TF_KEY}" />
<start uid="ImageManagerView" />
<start uid="imageManagerView" />
<start uid="medicalImageConverterImage" />
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