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misc: update for release 20.2.0

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# sight 20.2.0
## New features:
### graphics
*Add a new picker to really pick the current slice image.*
- When using an Ogre picker on a medical image, the picked position does not correspond to a voxel position of the image. In fact, the Ogre negato display the image between \[0;size\] and the picker needs to pick between \[0;size\].
*Add Qt3D SMaterial adaptor.*
Implement qt3d material service:
* `::fwRenderQt3D`::data::Material``object handling a qt3d material
* `::fwRenderQt3D`::techniques::Lighting``object handling a qt3d technique with shader programs to compute lighting mode and rendering options such as point/line/surface rendering or normals visualization
* `::fwRenderQt3D`::SMaterial``adaptor used to create a qt3d material from sight data and attach it to the render service
### io
*Read tfp TF from directory with ::uiTF::SMultipleTF.*
*Add setNotifyInterval method to the Graber interface.*
Adds an option in the videoQt Player to change the notifyInterval option. This is useful to require frame through "setPosition".
*Add birth date request field for PACS query editor.*
### ui
*Allow to manage opacity of the TF in TF editors.*
Allow to manage a whole TF opacity at the same time from the TF editor.
## Refactor:
### core
*SpyLog rework.*
SpyLog has been unnecessarily complex for a long time. In this rework, we propose to:
- deprecate the loglevel `TRACE`. Only `SLM_TRACE_FUNC()` remains, but its occurrences should never be committed.
- deprecate `OSLM_*` macros in favor of `SLM_*` macros, which now take stringstreams as input (no performance penalty)
- all loglevels are now always compiled, which means that the big bloat of `SPYLOG_*` CMake variables were removed.
- occurrences of `OSLM_*` macros were replaced by `SLM_*` macros
- occurrences of `O?SLM_TRACE*` macros were removed or replaced by higher levels logging macros
- the default displayed log level is now `WARN`
- the path of files displayed in the output was shortened to keep the minimum information needed: namespace(s), source fil
*Deprecate configureWithIHM.*
Deprecate `configureWithIHM` and use `openLocationDialog`, backward compatibility is kept until sight 22.0
*Deprecate *dataReg modules and move *dataCamp content to *data.*
This deprecates the usage of dataReg and arDataReg modules, which were so far mandatory as `REQUIREMENTS` for any XML configuration using data. This was done in several steps:
1. a function was added in `fwRuntime` to allow the loading of any regular shared library (we could only load libraries from modules before).
2. `AppConfigManager` was modified to guess the library name when parsing configuration, and load the library accordingly
3. `dataReg` and `arDataReg` were emptied from the hacky symbols, and deprecated
4. the only real useful code, i.e. the XML data parsers from `dataReg` were moved to `fwServices`, so that we can remove the whole module later.
5. `dataReg` and `arDataReg` were replaced by `fwData`, `fwMedData` and `arData` in `Properties.cmake` files
6. `dataReg` and `arDataReg` were removed from all `plugin.xml` requirements.
7. all `*DataCamp` libraries were deprecated and most of their content imported in the corresponding `*Data` libraries. They were linked in an application thanks to the dataReg modules and hacky symbols. I could have loaded the modules manually like data libraries but I think it is simpler to gather everything related to a data into a single library. There is no real use case in my mind where we want only the data without any introspection. And we do not need to plan for a coexisting alternative to perform the introspection, we are anyway too tight with Camp.
This is not a breaking change and it is still possible to keep the deprecated modules.
### graphics
*Deprecate VTK.*
* Deprecates VTk generic scene
* Updates all samples to use Ogre
* Cleans all sample files (xml/hpp/cpp/cmake)
* Fixes some errors in our samples
* Adds a new module `visuBasic` for basic generics scenes
* Rename samples
### io
*Deprecate VLC.*
Deprecation of `videoVLC` since VLC package will no longer be available with new conan system (sight 21.0).
### vision
*Deprecate the bundle.*
Deprecate the bundle `uiHandEye`
## Enhancement:
### core
*Complete meshFunction baricentric API.*
Add a method `isInsideThetrahedron( const ::glm::dvec4 barycentricCoord);` in the MeshFunction.
*Add [[nodiscard]] attribute for weak/shared_ptr::lock().*
Adds `[[nodiscard]]` attributes in weak_ptr and shared_ptr lock() function. This avoids using lock() as lock function and force user to use returned lock_ptr object
*Update conan.cmake file to v0.15".*
Update conan.cmake file to v0.15.
### graphics
*Improve scene resetting.*
### io
*Increase the DICOM services log level.*
Add detailed logs for our communications with the PACS.
*Improve PACS research fields.*
* Make research fields of ioPacs case insensitive.
* Improve date research.
* Avoid to read unreadable modalities with the series puller.
*Execute PACS queries from a worker.*
``::ioPacs::SeriesPuller``now retrieves series in a worker to avoid the app to freeze.
*Improve ioPacs queries.*
Adds a PACS series selection to `OgreViewer`.
* `SPacsConfiguationEditor`: send notifications.
* `NotificationDialog`: use the height of the notification instead of the width for computation.
* `SSelector`: remove margin.
* `SNegato2D` and `SNegato3D`: avoid a division by 0.
* `Utils`: sometime the default texture as the same size than the image, so there is never initialized.
### ui
*Rename bad named functions.*
* Deprecated `::fwGui::dialog::MessageDialog::showNotificationDialog()` and propose a new `::fwGui::dialog::MessageDialog::show()`
* Deprecated `::fwGui::dialog::NotificationDialog::showNotificationDialog()` and propose a new `::fwGui::dialog::NotificationDialog::show()`
* Renamed all occurrences.
## Bug fixes:
### build
*Add deps between targets and their PCH for Unix Makefiles.*
This fixes errors when building using the Unix Makefiles generator and multiple processes.
### core
*Load library is broken when launching activity using wizard.*
Adds `loadLibrary` method in `new.cpp` file in order to load libraries before starting `AppConfigManager` or `ActivityWizard`
### io
*Cannot save json on mounted disk.*
Create a custom `rename` function that will first try a `std`::filesystem::rename``and then fallback to a basic copy-remove scenario.
Using this avoid the `Invalid cross-device link` error, when saving a json(z) file on a another disk/volume.
*Tf names without extension are not saved.*
### ui
*Enable the current activity of the sequencer if no data are required.*
* Enable the current activity of the sequencer if it's needed.
* Avoid double start of the config launcher.
*The TF editor suppresses points.*
### vision
*Display left and right view vertically.*
Until a better fix, display left and right camera vertically in extrinsic calibration. Doing this provide a better width view of video.
# sight 20.1.0
## Bug fixes:
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